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Takashi Cast Iron Teapot - Green

Teapot with removable infuser

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The thinktea Takashi teapot is crafted in the classic tetsubin style using heat-resistant cast iron. Cast iron retains heat to ensure that tea is always piping hot when served. The removable infuser allows for you to steep your favorite loose teas as well as bags of tea. The interior of the pot features an enamel coating, preventing rust and ensuring years of continued use.


  • Brand: thinktea
  • Green
  • Crafted of cast iron
  • 1.1 L
  • 9.5" x 8" x 6.5"
  • Handwash only, no abbraisives

Reviews (2)

Heavy But Beautiful

Love this thing. Saw a spider on the wall and I threw the teapot. The wall and the spider did not survive but there was minimum spillage. Also this teapot holds a substantial amount of liquid.

Posted on June 7, 2016 by Marcin
Beautiful and solid piece

I just bought the Takahashi Cast Iron Teapot - what a beautiful looking product! And at that price it's a total steal... The construction looks very solid, yet the lines and shape make it look so sophisticated.

It sits very well on my countertop and the green is a lovely accent. I think the flattened design is excellent for preventing accidental hot spills. But it does pose a wee bit of a challenge if you're trying to brew anything less than half a potful because the strainer will only be partially submerged. I would use one of my other strainers that reaches all the way to the bottom. Other than that it's a fantastic product.

Tried it right away. I find you can achieve best results with cast iron by pre-warming the pot (prime it with very hot water before you put any tea in it - pour in and then pour out and then start the brewing with freshly heated water - ideally at the right temperature for the tea of your choice: green teas and spring teas are brewed at lower temperatures (160°F to 170°F) and standard Chinese green teas at higher temperatures (170°F to 180°F) )

I placed two teaspoons of my favourite pu-erh tea in the strainer, water about 3/4 full for a minute and a half and the results were deliciously fragrant, enjoyed by the whole family. The size is perfect for filling up to four classic teacups. Really love the look and feel - looks like a piece that will last a lifetime. Strongly recommend!

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Alexander