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Vignoble Wine Decanter


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Decanting wine allows the wine to mix with oxygen, enabling it to open up and develop. This decanter features a system that accelerates the aerating process. Simple pour wine into the glass funnel while placed on the decanter. It softens the wines taste and is more pleasant in your palate.


  • Brand: Stokes
  • Clear
  • Made of glass
  • Hand wash recommended

Reviews (1)

Decanter good - funnel UNBELIEVABLY fragile

It works well, really well, but the funnel is made of unbelievably thin and fragile glass that broke incredibly easy while washing it. This should be made out of much thicker glass like the decanter itself, or out of some kind of plastic or something else. One little tap on the sink and it disintegrated. Great product except for this.

Posted on January 29, 2018 by Cameron Hood