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Thinkkitchen Precision Sous Vide

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SOUS-VIDE ADVANTAGE Because of the precision with which the temperature is controlled, food prepared using sous-vide is cooked more evenly, retains more of its volume, and has a better texture than food prepared using conventional cooking methods. FLAVOR-PACKED With sous-vide, food cell walls do not burst, so less of the moisture, juices and fats are lost in the cooking process. This allows food to maintain its inherent flavoring, for new food experiences that are nearly impossible to achieve through traditional cooking methods. THOROUGHLY NUTRITIOUS With most cooking methods, large parts of the food are lost to heat, and much of the nutrients are destroyed during the cooking process. With sous-vide, more of the original components of the dish remain intact, and more nutrients are saved. EASE OF USE Sous-vide is truly the closest we have gotten to fool-proof cooking. Because the water is precisely heated to the exact cooking temperature, circulated throughout the cooking process, and cooled as soon as cooking is completed, there is no chance for overcooking or undercooking your food. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Most foods have an ideal cooking temperature far lower than the lowest temperature of an average oven or stove. The Precision Cooker uses that ideal lower temperature, which reduces energy consumption considerably.


  • Brand: Thinkkitchen
  • Black
  • LED display
  • Temp range 32-149F deg
  • Precise temperature .1 deg
  • Timer setting
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Tank capacity 15L
  • 2200RPM Circulator speed
  • 1000W
  • Celcius/Farenheit display

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